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Donato's Bakery & Pizza
161 South Court St. (next to Renco Grocery)
Thunder Bay Ontario
Open 24 Hours a Day (Sunday Midnight to Saturday 7:00PM)
(807) 345-7273
1a & 1b - Dinner Pannini
2 - Kaiser Buns
3 - Dinner Roll
4a & 4b - Long (6” sub) Buns (white or brown)
Bread Crumbs
Garlic Bread
Sliced Toast Bread
Donato´s Bakery Picture Gallery
Donato´s Breads and Buns
Order beautiful dessert trays of delicious sweets for weddings and special occasions or come into our store and pick from a large selection of traditonal Italian treats made daily.

Donato´s Dessert Trays

Our History
About Us
The origins of Donato’s Bakery in Thunder Bay lie, in the most part, to a father-son-family endeavour leading to its founding in 1994 when Nino Bruno seized an opportunity and helped his Sons in opening the first bakery in the family since that of the original old wood fired oven of their Great Grandmother in Simbario, Calabria.

Today Donato’s offers pizza; prepared take-out dishes, traditional bread and sweet products, and is open 24 hours a day.

Donato’s Bakery operations are based on passion for the traditional way of doing things and excellence in quality and taste. Caterina Donato Bruno and Nino Bruno together have three Sons, James, Donny and David whom are all committed to creating taste sensations through their pizzas, breads, pies, cheesecake and bite-size tart creations.

Donato’s prides themselves in their capacity to offer customers delicious food and tailor-made service solutions, big or small. We have three ovens; the largest of the three has the capacity to cook 30 pizza´s at one time or over 100 traditional Italian loaves. Our Bis-Nonna (Great Grandma) in the old country would have been proud!

Services include private and public functions, cafeterias, cafés, restaurants, conference and meeting venues as well as food services for schools and public service organisations. Donato’s also offers sweet trays for catering services for special occasions, catering companies or catered events.