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Donato's Bakery Stone Baked Pizza
Products above may not appear exactly as shown. Product, pricing and participation may vary by hour of day. Delivery areas and charges may vary by location and minimum delivery order conditions may apply. All taxes and delivery charges included in prices. Please note that for the purpose of completing your order, Donato’s Bakery must collect customer and order information. This information may be retained by Donato’s Bakery to help serve you better in the future. Pizza phone orders and pizza deliveries may not be available between 5:00am and 7:00am, we do not provide delivery guarantees nor guarantees of delivery at any hour.

Donato’s Bakery / DonatosBakery.com; fully licensed.

We do not provide gluten free pizza, all products are made in an environment that contains wheat. Our sweets, bread, dough tomato/pizza/pasta sauce, meats, cheeses and vegetables are cut and or made in house and are not gluten free and may be cross contaminated with wheat. For more information, call for our full ‘Nutrition’ facts.

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